– New Landing Page & UI



Update the application landing page and consolidate Agoric / Inter Protocol under the Agoric chain.  Reskin the submission pages to match the new design.


The application currently has a very basic landing page which prompts users to select the Agoric or Inter Protocol chain.  Inter Protocol is on the Agoric chain, so they should be combined, preparing for the ability to add additional Cosmos chains.

There is a new design for a landing page that needs to be implemented from a UI standpoint.

This new design paradigm needs to also be applied to the pages that submit the proposals (the “app”).  There are designs for these proposal pages provided as well.

Acceptance criteria

  • The new landing page must allow selection of the chain and network only from the top menu options.
  • The Inter Protocol chain is removed and the contents of it’s proposal options are under Inter Protocol within the Agoric chain
  • The “app” pages match the landing page design paradigm and implements the provided designs.

Time Estimation

20 hours estimated


20000 BLD


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