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Update the application to have different proposal templates and default text for each of the proposal types: Text Proposal Community Spend CoreEval (Agoric) Install bundle (Agoric)

The application currently supports proposals without any guidance. This enhancement will enable guiding users to construct and submit proposals easier, with more detail and more accurately than doing it manually. The two main efforts here are to support selecting a template once a proposal type has been chosen and pre-populating the template with helpful information, which may be text, chain values (for example in CoreEval proposals), or other information as needed for that proposal type. Any text that should be pre-populated into a proposal should come from a configuration file, not be hard coded. The templates that need to be supported are: Text Proposal Generic Signaling Proposal Collateral Signaling Proposal Electing the Economic Committee, no community fund spend Utilize Reserve Funds Generic Text Community Spend Electing the Economic Committee and providing them a budget from the community fund Generic Community Spend CoreEval Generalized CoreEval (community projects, etc can use a free-form form). PSM Collateral Enumerate parameters from chain, input Name, Keyword, Denom, Decimals Vaults Collateral Enumerate parameters from chain, input Denom, Decimals Smart wallet upgrade.

Acceptance Criteria:
Within a proposal type, the user can select one of the predetermined templates Once selected, the proposal fields will be pre-populated with the text from the configuration file, but fully editable by the user For PSM and Vaults collateral type proposals, the fields that are enumerated from the chain are displayed but not editable.

Estimated Work Hours:

24,000 BLD

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