– Show Proposals



Update the application to include the option to display the on-chain Proposals for a particular chain / network.


The application currently supports submitting proposals.

This bounty would add support for displaying the proposals for a given chain / network.

This would be similar to how block explorers do this, for example: 

The information in the list of proposals should include:

  • Proposal #
  • Title
  • Status: Voting, Passed, Rejected, Vetoed
  • Deposit Opened, Deposit period Ends (if supported)
  • Voting Started
  • Voting Ended
  • Deposit Amount
  • Reviews (count)

Clicking on a list item should bring up a detailed page for the proposal.


Information that must be included:

  • #, Title, Status
  • Full text / proposal details
  • Turnout
  • Quorum
  • Yes, No, Veto, Abstain votes & percentages
  • Validator reviews

Acceptance criteria

Time Estimation

30-50 hours estimated


26000 BLD


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