– Support multiple chains


Update the application to support selecting additional Cosmos chains.

Update the application to support selecting additional Cosmos chains.

The application currently only supports the Agoric L1 chain. Agoric is a Cosmos network chain (with additional settings specific to Agoric) and therefore adding the ability to post on-chain proposals to other Cosmos chains (such as Osmosis) is possible. The project here is to determine what all information is chain or network (such as testnet or mainnet) specific and abstract that information into a configuration file that can be created for each Cosmos network, create the structure and documentation on how to request a new chain be added, and update the application to read these configuration files when building the UI. The UI must be updated to be branded Cosmos rather than Agoric governance proposal builder.

Acceptance Criteria:
Part 1 – Adding a new chain Chain advocate can download a sample template with comments on how to fill it out Chain advocate can follow the instructions to create a pull request in the github with the new chain information (chain directory, logo, configuration file) Documentation of the process of how the pull request is approved and the new application built

Part 2 – Using a new chain (once a new chain has been accepted and a new build of deployed) User can select a Cosmos chain User can select a network (such as mainnet) for the Cosmos chain selected User must be presented the chain settings for voting (deposit and voting duration, deposit amount needed, their current balance of the deposit token, based on their connected wallet Note: Agoric specific proposal types (CoreEval, Install Bundle, Swingset Bean Parameters), must be unavailable to non-Agoric chains.

Estimated Work Hours:

18,000 BLD

STATUS: Assigned

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