– Support software upgrade proposal type


Task: – Support proposal type: Software Upgrade

Update the application to support the Software Upgrade proposal type.

The application currently supports many proposal types, but one that is missing is to do a software upgrade of the chain.

Acceptance Criteria:
User can select the primary Proposal type of Software Upgrade.  The UI must accept the required input values, such as the block height to halt and do the upgrade, the github commit ID, chain ID and upgrade to value.

Sample command line template:

agd tx gov submit-proposal software-upgrade $UPGRADE_TO –upgrade-info=”$UPGRADE_INFO” –upgrade-height=”$UPGRADE_HEIGHT” –title=”Upgrade to $UPGRADE_TO” –description=”This proposal if voted will upgrade the chain to $UPGRADE_TO” –from=$FROM_WALLET –chain-id=$CHAIN_ID –node https:/rpc:443 –fees=6000ubld –gas=auto –gas-adjustment=1.3

Estimated Work Hours:

3,000 BLD


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