Front end for Agoric block estimator



Create a website for the Agoric block estimator at and based on


Software Upgrade governance proposals need to be performed at a pre-defined block height, but humans like to schedule tasks around dates/times.

The Agoric block estimator will take a date string and estimate the block height that will be transacting at that time.


  1. Hosting on Cloudflare preferred
  2. GCP available as an alternative platform, or please proposal alternative implementation
  3. Branding & look and feel should match
  4. Must be integrated into as a page linked from the homepage and proposal builder “app”

Acceptance criteria

  • Open Agoric Block Estimator from a home page or proposal builder link
  • Enter a datetime string (in ISO 8601 standard format)
  • Submit
  • Results must be the estimated block height for that datetime
  • Hosting and setup must be under a DCF controlled acount

Time Estimation

10 hours estimated


5000 BLDĀ 

Status: Open for Submissions

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