List IST on DeFi Llama



Add Agoric chain and Inter Protocol’s IST token on DeFi Llama


DeFi Llama has a listing page for IST at: Currently, it is not complete nor linked to the other DeFi Llama pages.

This project entails integrating the Agoric chain and IST to DeFi Llama, to ensure its accuracy and functionality on a regular basis.

Generic instructions:

Write an adapter

Existing code: 


  1. Create a “Chain” for Agoric
    1. We should see a page at
    2. Example: 
  2. IST must be listed on Defi Llama under Stables – Chains
  3. Create an Adapter for Agoric chain total TVL
    1. Currently, this is just Inter Vaults and Inter PSM
    2. In the future, other dapps will be capable of utilizing this adapter to incorporate their TVL/metrics.
    3. Add a protocol page for Inter
    4. We should see a page at
    5. Existing example:
    6. We expect to see TVL, Tokens Breakdown, Inflows, and Outflows like USK

A pull request (PR) will be necessarily to 

Given DefiLlama requires time series data and multiple data paths, it seems best to pull data from an indexer versus RPC nodes directly. Agoric is working on an indexer that can be used for this purpose and will need to be integrated into the solution by awardee.

Acceptance criteria

  • Agoric shows up as a chain
  • Agoric shows up as a stablecoin chain
  • IST shows up as a stablecoin
  • The IST details page is updated to show the same information as other stablecoins, such as: DAI  It is expected to see TVL, Tokens Breakdown, Inflows, and Outflows.  Similar to how USK is shown.

Time Estimation

20-30 hours estimated


10000 BLD

Status: Open for Submissions


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