– Support software upgrade proposal type

Task: – Support proposal type: Software Upgrade Description: Update the application to support the Software Upgrade proposal type. Context: The application currently supports many proposal types, but one that is missing is to do...

Front end for Agoric block estimator

Description Create a website for the Agoric block estimator at and based on Context Software Upgrade governance proposals need to be performed at a pre-defined block height, but...

List IST on DeFi Llama

Description Add Agoric chain and Inter Protocol’s IST token on DeFi Llama Context DeFi Llama has a listing page for IST at: Currently, it is not complete nor linked to the other DeFi Llama pages. This project entails... – Proposal Templates

Task: Update the application to have different proposal templates and default text for each of the proposal types: Text Proposal Community Spend CoreEval (Agoric) Install bundle (Agoric) Context: The application currently supports proposals... – Support Community Spend

Task: – Support Community Spend Description: Update the application to support the community spend proposal type by adding in a community fund amount to spend and the wallet that should receive the funds if the proposal passes. Context: The...
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