Mechanisms for Human Cooperation

Singe Gear mechanisms to represent the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation

The Decentralized Cooperation Foundation (DCF) exists to build mechanisms for human cooperation from tools of secure computing, cryptography, and distributed systems.

We are firm believers not just in the inherent promise of decentralization, but in its necessity as the world transitions into a more decentralized and cooperative future – the future often called Web3.

We believe that the Web3 paradigm will provide increased data security, scalability, and privacy for users and mitigate the downsides of centralized platforms. Web3 also brings with it the potential to be transformative for both individuals and organizations, and we are committed to helping steward a new generation of users into this future.

We also understand that nascent ecosystems need support to build and grow, and we pledge to assist in supporting the development of public goods that will open up opportunities and help to realize the promise of decentralized cooperation.

At our founding, we are emphasizing Agoric’s proof-of-stake chain and the Cosmos-focused IBC environment. Engagement with — along with the acceleration of — those ecosystems is our purpose. As time passes, we will expand our purview to provide support for taking the technological foundation that Agoric’s chain and IBC are built on to other chains, and even for non-blockchain ecosystems.

DCF is an independent non-profit foundation founded in February 2022 and operating under the laws of the Cayman Islands.

Champions of Decentralized Ecosystems

Our mission is to unite people and entities in the spirit of cooperation with web 3.0, blockchain and decentralization as a binding fabric.

We are certain of the potential of web 3.0 as transformative pathway for both individuals and organizations, and we are committed to helping steward a new generation of users into this future.

Our Purpose

Four Pillars of Cooperation


We exist to bring the old web into the future, and to do so by campaigning on behalf of new technologies.


We’re confident in the cooperative promise of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


We fund exceptional developers in building (and building upon) innovative tools and services.

Community Support

We’re gregarious connectors of individuals and organizations across specializations and around the globe.

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