BLD is the native token of the Agoric chain, a foundational asset to the network that enables staking, voting, and governance activity within the Agoric ecosystem. It is supported across various platforms, including self-custody wallets, institutional custodians, decentralized exchanges, and centralized exchanges​​

Agoric is a proof-of-stake blockchain with a native staking token (BLD) and a native USD-pegged stablecoin, IST deployed by Inter Protocol.

BLD’s Role in Network Security

Staking BLD is essential for validating transactions as well as maintaining the security and stability of the Agoric network. By staking BLD tokens, BLD stakers contribute to the network’s security while earning staking rewards, aligning their interests with the health of the blockchain​​.

Agoric Governance Participation with BLD

BLD also empowers token holders to actively participate in governing the Agoric ecosystem. By voting on governance proposals, BLD holders contribute their voice to the future development and policy decisions of the Agoric network, letting community members dive in and take part in blockchain governance​​.

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BLD Staking Rewards

Holders of staked BLD are rewarded for staking through the issuance of BLD tokens and fees generated by Inter Protocol. This reward mechanism encourages ongoing participation in the network’s growth and security.

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Tokenomics Snapshot

(as of 26 Feb 2024)

BLD Token Supply and Circulation

As of Q1 2024, the total supply of BLD tokens in the Agoric ecosystem stands at 1,068,817,717.41, with a circulating supply of 652,349,356 BLD. These figures evolve, so make sure you find the most relevant and up to date information by visiting the Big Dipper block explorer.

Utility and Accessibility of BLD

Multiple wallet solutions support BLD, facilitating ease of transaction and interaction with the Agoric network. These include browser extensions, mobile app wallets, and integration with popular wallets like Keplr, Leap, and MetaMask.

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BLDing Tomorrow

BLD plays a multifaceted role in the Agoric blockchain ecosystem. The token’s contributions to network security, governance, and as the foundation for the Agoric economy demonstrate its importance as a native token. As Agoric continues to evolve, BLD remains a crucial element of the platform’s community governance and economic growth.











BLD Quick Hits

  • 2024: Agoric’s BLD breaks out, driven by its unique capabilities to enable chain abstraction and practical orchestration. 
  • Agoric / BLD is on growth trajectory
  • Agoric is poised to distinguish itself as the chain to enable applications reliant on chain abstraction, or what Agoric is calling “Orchestration”.
  •  Agoric is natively async and allows multi-block execution: 
  • Contract operations execute across multiple blocks, awaiting replies and reacting to async events, all in a familiar programming model
  • Agoric allows scheduled operations plus long-term interactions
  • Contracts compose across time seamlessly with scheduled, long-term, and periodic actions (for instance, can charge interest every period) from the on-chain chain timer service
  • Agoric can seamlessly integrate remote chains
  • Contracts can make a request over IBC to another chain, await the result, and react to it; for example, placing a remote trade and transferring the assets when the trade completes
  • Agoric enables interoperability and extensible orchestration: 
  • Contract components extend orchestration by seamlessly integrating 3rd party libraries, so a contract could invoke an operation on Avalanche via GMP that same way it does on Osmosis via IBC
  • Orchestration is the differentiator that is going to make Agoric
  • BLD is an undervalued asset, with pent-up demand.
  • All significant unlocking events are in the past.
  • BLD enjoys the backing of Agoric OpCo (an established enterprise with a significant team and a solid runway), DCF (our Foundation partner), a stable and professional validator class, and a growing community.
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