Welcoming in the Era of Decentralized Cooperation

DCF advocates for new mechanisms for human cooperation built from secure computing, cryptography, and distributed systems.

“Blockchain provides solutions for cooperation problems while maintaining commons-type benefits of institutional governance.” --Jason Potts

“We want to see more cooperation in the world. Smart contracts are an incredibly powerful tool for helping that happen.” --Dean Tribble

“We built Cosmos for interoperability specifically to expand cooperation, in contrast with blockchains being in standalone silos.” —Zaki Manian

Singe Gear mechanisms to represent the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation

Our Mission

Propagate the spirit and utilization of decentralized ecosystems

DCF’s mission is to unite people and entities alike in the spirit of cooperation, founded on blockchain and decentralization.

There is a transformative pathway in view, and we’re committed to helping steward a new generation of users into this bold future.

Our Purpose

Four Pillars of Cooperation

Singe Gear mechanisms to represent the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation


We exist to bring the old web into the future, and to do so by campaigning on behalf of new technologies.


We’re confident in the cooperative promise of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


We fund exceptional developers in building (and building upon) innovative tools and services.

Community Support

We’re gregarious connectors of individuals and organizations across specializations and around the globe.

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Authored by Jason Potts   What are the basic economics of a foundation that supports this new class of...


DCF currently emphasizes Agoric’s proof-of-stake chain and the Cosmos-focused IBC (Inter‐Blockchain Communication) environment. Acceleration of those ecosystems is our purpose. As time passes, we will expand our purview to provide support for bringing that technological foundation to other chains, and even expanding to non-blockchain ecosystems.

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