We are happy to announce today the launch of the Decentralized Cooperation Foundation. The Decentralized Cooperation Foundation (DCF) exists to build mechanisms for human cooperation from tools of secure computing, cryptography, and distributed systems.

The Foundation, a Cayman Islands non-profit, will work to support the growth and development of the Agoric and Cosmos ecosystems and to serve an enabling function to help developers get traction with the world of Web3.

DCF will begin operations with staking a portion of the DCF treasury with validators in the Agoric network. The delegation round will aim to strengthen the validator set through setting expectations for security and compliance and will also seek to help create more equitable voting power across the validator set.

Looking forward, the DCF plans to engage in community support through a variety of activities, from grant making to active participation in governance. Stay tuned as we get started and begin our outreach.

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @DCF_io 


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